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Animal Care & Control Programs for Tribal Communities

Resources for tribal communities and members looking for guidance on animal care and welfare programs.

Most Needed Items

Shelters and rescues are always in need of donations to help them give animals what they need while under their care. 

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Seasonal Pet Safety

Every season comes with its unique challenges for pets and strays alike. Learn what you can do to keep both safe. 

Feather Repositories

Discover information about feather repositories and their work protecting & distributing feathers. 

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Tips for Finding Lost Pets

Losing a pet is devastating, but there are actions you can take in the first few hours to increase your chances of bringing them home. 

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The Link Between Animal Abuse & Domestic Violence

Read the research on the correlation between those who commit violence against animals and their likelihood to carry that over to other members of their household. 

Culturally Aware Animal Rescue

Resources about working with tribal nations to provide animal care.

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Wildlife on Tribal Lands

With help from our partners, NAHS continues to add information and resources for respecting and protecting wildlife in our communities.